doTERRA, My Obsession

POINTS!!!! The Loyalty Reward Program works! I have been able to a great amount of product at almost no cost becuase of using the LRP. I was skeptical of it at first but I love free products. Who doesn’t right?

Points I used this month:


Family Essentials Kit:


there is even Frankincense! let me tell you that little bottle is worth it’s weight in gold!


Limited time items:

Sunsational Flavors will make for some great tasting summer drinks and cooking.


Starting Over

I recently wiped out all of my posts because I was having to go in an delete and/or modify almost all of my posts due to the FDA cracking down on all things natural. We have been forced to change the way things are worded and old posts that were compliant once at the time of posting are now offending the poor FDA. Can you sense the sarcasm there?

Apparantly the FDA does not like competition.

That said, I am going to try and rebuild this blog because I truly believe in the products that I use and want to share with others.

So here we go……